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Duo pillow PFC119871

Duo pillow PFC119871
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Cod produs: PFC-11987100
Brand: Go Travel
Culori: Black
Material: Polyester.
Pozitie print: Inverted 'U', Centered between two neck parts
Metoda print: Transfer
Latime print: 100
Inaltime print: 60
Diametru print: 0
Numar maxim de culori: 4
Greutate: 0 gram
Lungime: 34 cm
Inaltime: 27,5 cm
Latime: 9 cm
Diametru: 0 cm

Duo pillow. An exciting innovation in this busy product sector, the 2-in-1 bean filled exclusive design travel pillow transforms from a horseshoe shaped sleeper into a rectangular shaper pillow in seconds. Covered in a velvety velour fabric, the mirco bean travel easily between both configurations for a comfortable cosy sleep, no matter which style is chosen. Polyester.

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